Friday 21 March 2008

Five Ways to Overcome Rejection Blues: Write! Write! Write!


Taking positive action can, however, easily become non-action. Reading a book on “how-to-write” can seem to be very “writerly”. But no matter how useful, there is no substitute for actually doing your own writing.

If, by now, your muse is still locked away in that deep dark prison of fear and criticism, it’s even more important to begin to write creatively again. And the quicker you do it, the better.

Even if the story you create is half a page, the sheer act of writing again will start getting your muse moving. The advantage of writing short stories, or even vignettes, is that they're quickly completed and give a sense of immediate satisfaction which helps heal the rejection blues. They don't have to be brilliant; all you're trying to do here is unblock any inner resistance or fear of writing again.

So play with your muse! Write what you want to write without worrying about what someone else (an examiner; an agent; an editor) will think. Just have fun and don’t worry about how your work compares to others.

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1. Seek Emotional Detachment
2. Believe in Yourself
3. Take Positive Action
4. Write, Write, Write
5. Avoid Comparisons

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