Thursday 23 December 2021

The Pain of the Covid Pandemic: Loss of Life versus Loss of Human Rights

The pain the pandemic has caused both collective society and the individuals making up that society is sad - heart breaking, in fact - and reflects so many deeper challenges that future generations are going to have to deal with and learn how to overcome.

One of the biggest challenges the young generation of today, and in the future, are going to have to overcome is how to find new ways of being, new ways of living, that both celebrate and protect the individual, while at the same time allowing the group, as a collective, to prosper.

Does anyone remember the 1998 animated movie Antz and Z, the one little ant who thought differently from the group

This is my greatest fear arising out of mandatory vaccinations and the  dangerous stigmatisation of the unvaccinated: that to protect the group/species, the collective is, once again, determinedly using relentless propaganda to force mandatory Covid 19 vaccines and the carrying of covid vaccine passports, and any individual who thinks or chooses differently from the group is crushed by cyber-bullying, ostracization and scapegoating.

At 8 billion and growing fast, the human species is not facing the threat of extinction.  So where is this leading us as a species? 

What will our future societies look like? Will we have Nazi-type ghettos for the unvaccinated? Will we in South Africa go back to segregated townships - instead of Sandton for the whites and Soweto for the blacks, will we have the Kingdom of Libertas for the vaccinated and the Ghetto of Famulatus for the unvaccinated?

Who will stop the unbridled abuses on individuals that occur when we all believe in the propaganda of the government in power, like the Germans did under Hitler and the white South Africans did under apartheid?  Have we not yet learnt the lessons from history - and recent history at that! How short human memory is that we give up our hard-won freedom for the illusion of being safe. 

How do we know what is really the truth about vaccinations when history time, and time again, has later shown so much misinformation with deliberate agendas? Human life, since the days of Mrs Ples, is inherently fragile, transient and finite. If one has the courage to lift oneself out of the fears, discomforts, disappointments of the personal experience of the pandemic - if we stop seeing ourselves as victims, helpless in the face of an overwhelming threat to our survival as individuals and as a collective - perhaps we'll come to realise there are much worse dangers to humankind on the prowl: the loss of our respect for those who hold different opinions to ourselves, the loss of faith and hope to support us through the inevitable dark times and the loss of freedoms that have taken thousands of years to evolve to the imperfect version of human rights that exist today.

So many serious concerns that could impact future generations are being lost in the uncompromising propaganda around vax vs unvax (from both sides!).

Every person who believes that vaccinations should be mandatory and vaccine passports are acceptable, so that they can have the freedom to travel and go to mega music concerts, should ask themselves this: do you want your children and your children’s children to be safe from death (a state of human existence which, tragically, is inevitable for us all) but be unable to think or choose for themselves, children who are not unique human beings fully expressing their individuality, but robotic-like beings who can’t be anything other than what is dictated by an arbitrary elite who history may prove to have implemented right or wrong moral standards and political or legal policies, such as mandatory vaccines and the carrying of vaccine passports? Just as history showed that forcing parts of the population to wear yellow stars or to carry a "dompas" were not, as the propaganda of the day stated, acts for the common good but rather acts of oppression and tyranny that had dreadful consequences.

The terrible challenge for today's generation - and for future generations - is to learn how to fiercely protect the human freedoms that encourage individualistic thinking while still having the faith and trust that the group will survive. This is not to deny the very high cost that each individual pays in terms of all the little ordinary joys and pleasures that have been denied - that grandchild, known only through a zoom screen, the funeral no-one could attend; the eagerly anticipated wedding or holiday that couldn't be shared with loved ones - all such valid personal sorrows, but all part of the necessary sacrifices needed to strengthen and evolve the species as we head off into an unknown  and seemingly dark, scary future. 

Despite these personal heartaches, the light of hope is there, as it always has been.

The earliest recorded pandemic happened during the Peloponnesian War in 430 B.C.E. and as much as two-thirds (66%) of the population died. Through the ages there have been many more pandemics, including the infamous Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-1920, which inconclusive data shows killed between 24,7 million to as many as 100 million people globally. Currently, as at 21 December 2021, the Covid 19 pandemic has killed 5,8 million people globally (just under 1%).  

Each pandemic death is a personal tragedy, but the loss or voluntary surrendering of our human rights out of fear of dying, or grief for the lifestyles and lives that the pandemic has taken from us, is surely a greater tragedy.

Oh, this is indeed a terribly complex situation. But, if we can work together, like Z and his fellow workers from Antz, to build a ladder that bridges the personal pain of the covid pandemic with the critical need to protect the individual's human rights from draconian laws then - as the human species has survived previous pandemics throughout history, we’ll survive this pandemic. And I’m positive we’ll soon be living in a world, while very different to pre-covid times, will still be a world that can be celebrated and enjoyed in new and exciting ways. 

And, hopefully, we'll also still live in a world that celebrates and enjoys the freedoms of the individual's human right to choose. 

Wednesday 8 December 2021

The Dangerous Stigmatisation of the Unvaccinated

Fear based living creates divisions and chaos. 

Out of these, tyrannies and abuse of power is born. 

One only has to look at the rise of Hitler (which led to the Holocaust in which 13 million stigmatised people were murdered, 6 million of whom were forced to wear yellow stars to show their status)  or the legal implementation of Apartheid in South Africa (a minority rule which led to millions of people being forced to carry a ”dompas” & live segregated lives.)

Where is this idea of mandatory vaccines & carrying vaccine passports taking us? Are the unvaccinated eventually going to be forced to live in townships/ghettos for the unvaccinated?

Why the unjustified scapegoating of people who exercise their democratic right to make a free choice and yet are bullied & stigmatised for that choice?  Propaganda is still as powerful a tool in shaping the majority of the collective’s thoughts as it ever was in the hands of the Nazi or Apartheid governments.

It breaks my heart that humanity has not evolved one bit and, on both a collective and individual level, still seeks a scapegoat whenever life is challenging.  

We - both vaccinated and unvaccinated - are in this together, and we need to find a way forward that will not repeat the terrible human errors of the past - scapegoating and stigmatising those who are different or who make different choices to the collective herd.

From the reputable medical magazine The Lancet: “Stigmatising the #unvaccinated is unjustified”  

And from The Brownstone Institute “This Is Not a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”

SA Voting on support for or against mandatory vaccines & vaccine passports. Turquoise is against mandatory vaccines. 

Saturday 4 December 2021

Tarot Take Your Pick : Messages for the Solar Eclipse 4/12/2021

Tarot Reading for the Solar Eclipse 4/12/21 at 12 Sagittarius. This reading will stay in effect until the next #eclipse season in April/May 2022. Pick a pile No 1 or 2 or 3 & put it in the comments.

On Saturday 4/12/21, after 09h43 (the exact SAST of the eclipse) I’ll reveal the message of each pile - the crystal, the African American Tarot card and the Angel card for encouragement. #TarotTakeYourPick

09h43 Saturday 4/12/2021 - scroll down to see what the message of your pick is.


Did you #takeyourpick? Here are the Solar Eclipse 4/12/21 messages from each #tarot #card pick:

Rhodonite | 2 of Swords | Middle Path
With Rhodonite’s ability to show both sides of an issue, the 2 of Swords reminds us of the duality inherent in life. Unless we find a way to unify the different aspects of ourselves, we’ll be unstable, separated by the divisions - mind versus body, faith versus fear, black versus white, vaccinated versus unvaccinated. The Angel message “Middle Path” reminds us that we need to embrace both sides; that taking the middle path is the road to a harmonious and peaceful life.

Yellow Calcite | Queen of Pentacles | Sacred Source
Uplifting and energetic, yellow calcite connects us to the highest source of spiritual guidance. The opulent Queen of Pentacles suggests that this is a time of navigating life through the 5 earthly senses. However little or much there is, the willingness to share with and nurture others springs from a good use of personal abilities, inner security and faith. The Angel message “Sacred Source” reminds us of our magnificence - we are beings of eternal love and light, forever one with the Divine and all creation.

Amethyst | 2 of Wands | Integrity
Amethyst can calm or stimulate the mind as appropriate to the situation. Encouraging the acceptance of new ideas balanced with common sense, amethyst works well with the 2 of Wands. Containing both endless possibilities and fear of an uncertain future, the 2 of Wands struggles to balance the need for activity with the need for stillness. Confusion and anxiety could result until one remembers the Angel message of “Integrity.” This calls on us to be flexible, but firm; to stand by our beliefs and values in a way that encourages others rather than antagonises.
Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Thursday 2 December 2021

Free Kindle copy of “the dust of hope”

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Saturday 6 November 2021

the dust of hope: from page to screen

I had such fun making the book trailer for my latest volume of poetry "the dust of hope: rune poems" released by Aztar Press in September 2021. 

Browsing for images from iStock's enormous collection was challenging - so many beautiful photos, how could I chose only 7? And then the, as always, painful process of paying for them in ZAR! Hunting for the perfect audio in Shockwaves vast archives was relatively easy - the perfect tune popped up almost immediately. 

Hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed making it! 

And you can buy your own copy from Amazon or access it free if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited. 

Sunday 24 October 2021

The Gift of Poetry

I had great fun presenting "The Gift of Poetry" at Writers2000 monthly meeting on 9/10/2021. Watch the full presentation below or on you tube. or read about it in the Bedfordview Edenvale local newspaper

Topics I discuss include:

* what is poetry?

* what makes a poet?

* loving the language

* the poetic vision

* is poetry relevant?

* why write poetry?

* recommended reading

Find my poetry books on Amazon

Sunday 1 August 2021

August 2021 Tarotscope

  Astrology South Africa August 2021 Tarotscope

Judy Croome explores what August 2021 has in store 
with a 3 card spread using the Rider Waite Smith Deck.

Here is the Youtube link to August 2021 Tarotscopes - if you enjoy the 10 minute video, please remember to click the LIKE button on the YOUTUBE page.  The full written text is below the images

The crystals used in this reading are Barnacle Master Quartz (stimulates a group cohesiveness) Each card has a crystal. For the Situation card (Blue Lace Agate - brings calm and tranquillity); for the Challenge card (Blue Celestite - aids with peaceful negotiation) and for the Key Element to Consider card (Charoite - a powerful stone of transformation that helps ground one in reality)

Hello & welcome to Astrology South Africa's tarotscope for the month of august 2021. I’m Judy Croome & this month I’m using a 3 card spread using the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck the first card which is the situation is the four of swords the second card which is the challenge in the situation is the 5 of swords & the final card the key element to consider during the month of august  is the very interesting very complex and sometimes intimidating but very exciting death card. 

You’ll see for the situation, we have the four of swords. This is a card of stillness, of inward contemplation, of meditation, reflection. And with us starting the month of August with four planets retrograde & Uranus joining them during the course of the month, this is the perfect card to express the energies of August 2021. 

It reminds us that after the hectic and traumatic July that we, particularly here in South Africa, experienced, it is a time for us to turn inward to rest, to recover. The energies of August are very quiet, they are more open, they’re presenting a lot of opportunities for us to go forward, because the rest of the year is going to be quite, quite hectic & we’re probably going to end the year with another surge in covid & perhaps a little bit more unrest with the Uranus/Saturn square in its 3rd & final phase. 

So this month of August, this card, the 4 of swords, is extremely important that we use this time during this month to reflect, to go inwards, to think back on-  well - the whole pandemic really, & where are we on our journey. 

How do we find our peace? How do we stay calm in the midst of chaos? Because that’s the greatest way, you know, chaos is a time of perfect opportunity, because anything & everything is possible out of chaos, but we are not going to be able to make use of the opportunities that chaos presents unless we are actually still & calm within. 

And that’s what the four of swords is reminding us to go inward to be still to reflect on what was where we are now & where we want to be in the future. It is not a passive type of stillness  it is a stillness that moves us forward in a calm & steady way & it restores our soul it gives us strength & it gives us endurance and the four of swords reminds us that it’s from the point of stillness & calm within the chaos that we can actually make the greatest use of our opportunities

The card in the challenge position is the five of swords which is the card that indicates we’re engaging in a conflict of some nature. It can suggest a disagreement with others which leads to hostility & tension. We may think we’ve won and we may have won a small battle but, in the end, this card suggests that if we don’t use our conflicts constructively, if we don't seek mutual agreement, if we want to win at all costs, at the end of the day we may win the battle but we could still (lose sight of) the big picture. 

It’s an important - the challenge in this card lies in understanding that, some times when we choose conflict over calm reflection, we set ourselves on the road to isolating ourselves We may believe at times that it’s more important to be right than to appreciate and understand where the other side was coming from.

This can be in a personal argument with a loved one or with friends or with an employee or employer or it could be on a collective level such as in the country - do we do we understand … do we understand and appreciate where some of the looters were coming from during the recent riots in KZN? If we were poor & starving with no hope of a job how would we react in that situation and that is what the five of swords is reminding us.

That to win at all costs cuts us off from our own humanity, it demonises the Other and it encourages us to self sabotage because we don’t live in isolation We need to understand that sometimes to win a conflict we need to walk away, we need to hold that centre , we need to stay calm & we need to try and find the most workable solution for all of us and during this month of august which is giving us a time to prepare to calm ourselves to centre ourselves again, the challenge lies in understanding how do we deal with conflict? 

How do we deal with conflict on a personal level, how do we deal with conflict on a collective level? I think South Africa in the month of July really came out well It was the most wonderful experience to  how we came together as a country and that is using conflict in a positive way & this card reminds us that the way to victory is inclusive, not exclusive.

The key element to consider is the importance of transformation. This Death card is a very feared card but it’s also the mot misunderstood card because it’s the most powerful card in the whole deck. 

It is an indication that a great transformation is coming; it’s death-of-the-old, transformation and rebirth and it’s inherent in human nature that we cling to the past, we cling to the familiar, we cling to what is known. 

And this Death card, in this key element to consider position is reminding us that we need to choose a new path; it signals that a major phase in our lives is ending and a new one is about to start; if we close one door a new one will open, but we need to place the past behind us - whether it is our personal past, if we need to let go a relationship, if we need to let go a job, if we need to move house; or if it’s on a collective level we need to let go the past, we need to find a new more inclusive way of existing, of eliminating inequalities, we need to find a new way of being, and that is what this card is reminding us - that we need to focus our energy on what is ahead of us, not on what lies behind us. 

It simply means that a major change, a transition or a huge transformation is coming our way We need to let the old “die” to allow the new to be created, to be reborn. This … Death usually does signify a scary time and I do, I must be honest, I do think the next few months up until early 2022, are going to be tumultuous, I think there’s going to be a lot of change.

Seneca, the great Roman author said “He who will the gods lead; he who won’t, the gods drag.” And that’s another important element if the Death card - the more willingly we choose to let the old die, the more willingly we choose to transform, the easier the process will be. 

And August is a time for us to consider how can we embrace change in a calm and centred manner. It’s important for us to make space for new ways of being to come into our lives, and this final card of the August 2021 reading is a huge reminder that change will come and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

But change can be exciting, it can be vibrant, it can infuse us with a new way of being  that we’d never dreamt of - and that’s what we need to remember during the month if August as we contemplate quietly what we’re doing and what we need to do in the future: embrace change and move forward to a new way of being. 

Thank you for listening to Astrology South Africa’s August 2021 tarotscopes, this is Judy Croome signing off until we meet in September when we’ll see what the cards have in store for us. Join us on social media, we have a very vibrant and active Facebook group, we're on Instagram, we’re on Twitter, we’re on LinkedIn - come and join the party, add your voice, and we’ll meet in September. Stay well, stay safe. 


Saturday 10 July 2021

New Moon in Cancer 2021

In the early hours of Saturday 10 July 2021, we have an interesting New Moon at 18 Cancer 02 in the 2nd house of material security, where we encounter anything that we can call our own such as our material possessions and our values, beliefs and talents.  New Moons represent new beginnings, while emotional and nurturing Cancer seeks safety in the family/tribe. 

Beginnings bring change; as this new moon sextiles innovative and rebellious Uranus we may suddenly be asked to let go of material possessions (the old family car may break down, so you must plan to buy a new one), or previously held ideas about our inner gifts and talents (do we believe things about ourselves that are not who we really are, but rather are limiting perceptions inherited from our family or tribe?) With Mercury (our thought processes) in trine to Jupiter (expansion of consciousness), we may find this new moon a mind-opening time of illumination.

The Venus/Mars conjunction that overwhelmed Jacob Zuma and his followers turning their emotions and passions into a potentially destructive energy is still in effect, and with Venus also squaring Uranus we could find our family and personal relationships taking some strain as we long for more independence and freedom than we currently have. With the New Moon in her home sign of Cancer, emotions will be intense, so before taking any sudden actions, pause and think through what you want to do. 

Any action taken at this New Moon in Cancer will have long-term effects on your destiny, because Saturn (the Great Teacher) and the North Node (the ultimate truth our soul is working towards) are in trine, while Sedna (our sense of victimisation, powerlessness and alienation) and Black Moon Lilith (inherent power, our greatest resistance to control by external forces) are conjunct at the critical karmic 29th degree. 

At this potent new moon, these four players are relentless in their push to shift us into a consciousness revolution that will forever change the way we think about our material possessions and the way we use our inner gifts and talents.

Sunday 4 July 2021

July 2021 Tarotscope

 Astrology South Africa July 2021 Tarotscope

Judy Croome explores what July 2021 has in store with a 4 card weekly spread using the Rider Waite Smith Deck.

Here is the Youtube link to July 2021 Tarotscopes - if you enjoy the 9 minute video, please remember to click the LIKE button on the YOUTUBE page. 

The crystals used in this reading are Barnacle Master Quartz (stimulates a group cohesiveness) Each week has a crystal. For week 1 (Lepidolite - relieves stress & depression), week 2 (Fire Opal - releases deep seated grief), week 3 (Blue Apatite - inspires and motivates) and week 4 (Red Jasper - calms emotions, grounding)

Sunday 6 June 2021

June 2021 Tarotscope

 Astrology South Africa June 2021 Tarotscope

Judy Croome explores what June 2021 has in store with a 3 card spread using the Osho Zen Tarot Deck.

Here is the Youtube link to June 2021 Tarotscopes - if you enjoy the 5 minute video, please remember to click the LIKE button on the YOUTUBE page. Or watch embedded video below.

The crystals are Barnacle Master Quartz and, from Erongo in Namibia, a beautiful Black Tourmaline/Aquamarine chunk, and a natural Aquamarine wand.

Barnacle Quartz helps to stimulate a group cohesiveness and a willingness to work together. Black Tourmaline cleanses and purifies negative energy, while Aquamarine brings courage, protection against the forces of darkness and filters information reaching the mind. A calming stone, Aquamarine brings clarity, self-expression and closure. (See photo below video)

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Notes from Underground

There's much excitement in this part of the world today! LOGO LAUNCH DAY has arrived! 

The image and colours just speak to my soul. Kyle da Silva is a gifted and accommodating designer - he heard what I wanted in one discussion, and this is the result. The logo isn't random: every detail is there for a specific purpose.


I have three great passions in life - cats, poetry and the occult, specifically tarot and astrology. While we couldn't squeeze a cat into the logo, we did manage to combine poetry and the occult. My poetry (all my writing) is challenging to define. By diving deep beneath the surface of everyday life, I reach for the vast unknowingness of the Great Spirit (or G-d, if you will) by delving beneath the surface of the ordinary details. This is expressed in the title "Chthonic Poetry & Tarot." 


Turquoise is connected to the spiritual world, intuition, psychic sensitivity, and protection from harm and negative energy. Turquoise is often used to encourage honest communications and to assist in communications with higher dimensional beings.

Purple/Violet relates to self knowledge/ spiritual awareness. It aids union with your higher self, with spirituality, and your higher consciousness.

White assists with clear-thinking, helping to reveal the truth within situations and people. The colour of Divine Love, white leads us towards an inner harmony and higher spiritual consciousness. And for those, like me, who are daydreamers of note, the transformative power of white helps with concentration and overcoming a lack of focus.


Look closely: there are two background images. The first is a vast sky, transforming from day to night, with the star constellations beginning to shine their light. The second (immediately behind the figure with the upraised arms) is the Stropholos of Hecate, or Wheel of Hecate.
Hecate's wheel is an ancient Greek symbol, emblem of the moon goddess Hecate in her triple goddess aspect. The second century text, "The Chaldean Oracle", describes the symbol as a labyrinthine serpent (representing rebirth and renewal) surrounding a central Spiral. It is symbolic of the Iynges, mysterious beings whose names may be translated as "wheels" or "whirls" and are emanations of Divine thought. Other symbols of Hecate include: torches, dogs, keys, serpents, and of course, the crossroads. Read a more detailed description of the symbolism of the Stropholos here.


The feminine figure in the middle of the logo represents Hecate and her symbols. As a triple moon goddess, she guards the crossroads and liminal spaces between worlds. Her upraised arms form the shape of a moon (the present); on each side of her upraised arms are moons representing the past and the future. Her belly button covers the centre of the background Stropholos and is the centre spiral of the wheel, representing the portal into Divine knowledge. And, finally, rising from her feet, is the serpent, the one who sheds his skin and is reborn into new knowledge, the keeper of the knowledge of good and evil.

Hecate is a powerful lunar Goddess who rules over the earth, sea, and sky. She is associated with the concept of Maiden, Mother, and Crone: representing the three phases of the female life. Hecate is worshipped as a protective Goddess, who bestowed prosperity and blessings on the oikos (household). More at home on the fringes than in the center of Greek polytheism, Hecate is intrinsically ambivalent and polymorphous, straddling conventional boundaries and eluding definition.

Thanks to her association with boundaries and the liminal spaces between worlds, Hecate is also recognized as a chthonic (underworld) goddess. As the holder of the keys that can unlock the gates between realms, she can unlock the gates of death. Like Hermes, Hecate takes on the role of guardian not just of roads, but of all journeys, including the journey into the deep unconscious we keep hidden in the underground of our psyche. 

You can read more about Hecate's role as the Cosmic World Soul here and her general mythology here .


As I begin my new path in life, the ancient energy of Hecate resonates deeply within me. This logo has captured that essence and I'm excited to share it with you.


Monday 3 May 2021

May 2021 Tarotscope

Astrology South Africa May 2021 Tarotscope

Judy Croome explores what May 2021 has in store with a 3 card spread using Robin Wood's Tarot Deck.

Here's my second official Tarotscope video for Astrology South Africa. There's a few technical glitches, but I hope I'm forgiven as I made the video with one eye only - my right eye had surgery last week; the left eye surgery is this week!

At the very end of the video you'll have a sneak preview of my new logo, which I'm SO excited about. Just a few more tweaks by designer Kyle da Silva, and then I'll do an official logo reveal!

Here is the Youtube link to May 2021 Tarotscopes - if you enjoy the 5 minute video, please remember to click the LIKE button on the YOUTUBE page. Or watch embedded video below.

The crystals are Barnacle Master Quartz (a gift from the amazing Joshua Maree, visionary and illuminist ,and the creator of Androgynous Keys) and a Rhodonite tower and slab (both gifts from my beloved late husband Dr Beric Croome).

A Barnacle Quartz helps to stimulate a group cohesiveness and a willingness to work together, while Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and that nurtures love. (See photo below video)

Stay blessed and stay safe.

Friday 2 April 2021

A New Road

 MONTHLY #TAROTSCOPE for #April 2021

My first official tarot reading for Astrology South Africa - feeling privileged at the opportunity and excited about the new path opening up!