Monday 8 April 2024

Today is the Day!

At last, I'm pleased to announce the publication of my latest book, THE SAND PEOPLE, a collection of magical realism and other stories. I'm writing under the pen name  J A  CROOME now, so  remember to FOLLOW J A CROOME on Goodreads for updates on new book releases. Here's a teaser of what some of the stories in THE SAND PEOPLE are about:

If you enjoyed the teaser, rush out and buy your copy of THE SAND PEOPLE on Take-a Lot (South Africa) or on AMAZON (International)

Writing the short stories in THE SAND PEOPLE was both challenging and rewarding. Between nearly two years of major eye surgery, crushing self-doubt about my writing, and learning to live without my beloved Beric, reaching for every word was a struggle I could not have won without the generous support of several key people.

At nearly ninety years old, my mother, Dawn Heinemann, took over all practical housekeeping duties when I disappeared into my cave to wrestle with my writing demons. Her fierce spirit of independence gave me the gift of freedom to write, while the example she set and her unconditional mother’s love gave me the inner strength to complete this book.

My family and all my friends (old and new) enrich my life enormously, as does that cat extraordinaire, Mighty Mr Mittens, the sweetest, bravest familiar any writer can ask for.

I am incredibly grateful for the presence of Dr Joanne Pautz,  Jess van Herwijnen, Chris Hajec, and Gary Chapman in my life. Joanne’s unfaltering friendship and support; Chris’s unconditional acceptance and understanding; Jess’s uncanny ability and willingness to provide wise guidance whenever needed; and the lengthy debates with Gary on everything from philosophy to fishing make me happy and emphasise the importance of human connection in the necessarily introverted life of a writer.

No acknowledgement is complete without honouring my ancestors and loved ones in spirit, in particular, my late father, Isaac Benjamin Heinemann, a gifted clairvoyant and dowser, and my late husband, Dr. Beric Croome, whose brilliant intellect and deep spirituality made him unique. Always remembered, always at my side.

My cherished writing friends for over twenty years, Leonie Anderson, Janet Chamberlain, Debs Valentyne, and Liesel van Wyk, have, once again, improved my work with their editing skills and insightful comments. 

While the creative expression of all stories in this anthology is mine, I must thank my brother-in-law Ian Cockerill for his technical advice in “Where the Wind Talks.” Any error of fact is due to my creative interpretation of his extensive mining knowledge.

I am also grateful to Wendy Bow of Apple Pie Graphics for the beautiful cover design and to Dave Henderson and his team at My eBook (South Africa) for their technical expertise. 

Judy Ann Croome (2024)

Johannesburg South Africa

Saturday 23 March 2024

Watch This Space!

What’s happening on Amazon Kindle April 8, 2024?

After a long hiatus, I’m thrilled that my latest book will be available for sale on Amazon.

A collection of magical realism and other short stories, this book is a departure from my previous writing and my pen name is now J A Croome.

Stay tuned for more information.

Tuesday 2 January 2024


 My compass word for 2024 is BEYOND:

* moving BEYOND fear (in my writing)

* moving BEYOND fat (finally mastering the binge eating disorder/body image issues  I've struggled with for over 50 years)

*moving BEYOND invisibility (being fully, authentically I AM WHAT I AM, with all my passions, my flaws, my strengths, my craziness)

The YEAR COMPASS is a movement that helps you look back and reflect on the past year and then look forward to gaining direction in the new year. Complete your form by downloading it here, and then share your discoveries with the hashtag #yearcompass

2023 was a year of hard inner work, leaving little time for outward achievements. Despite this, 2023 saw me gain many breakthroughs on personal traumas that have drained my energy and kept me from living my best life.

The best of 2023: my youtube channel with my 1 minute tarot readings gained over 200 new subscribers. Thank you to each and every member of our little community for sticking with me, for tuning in and for your comments.

The worst of 2023: I missed the deadline for publishing the book of short stories I'm currently working on (still 25 000 words short)

What's waiting in 2024? 

The opportunity to move BEYOND - to leap over the past traumas, the obstacles, and the fears that keep me from embracing this life with all the passion I've lost over the past thirty years.

Come and join me on what's sure to be an emotional rollercoaster of a year. 

You can find me on:

Instagram - Judy Croome or Chthonic Tarot

Youtube - Judy Croome

Facebook - Judy Croome 

TikTok - Judy Croome

Linked In - Judy Croome

X (formerly known as Twitter) - Judy Croome

I'm looking forward to meeting you on this journey that awaits.