Disclaimer & Code of Ethic


All readings and interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. No guarantee can be given or is given or should be assumed for or about the accuracy of a reading. The client is responsible for his/her/non-gender own life choices and decisions. Your choices are yours to make. I am not qualified by law to give legal, financial, medical, psychological, psychiatric or any other specialist advice. If you require such advice you should seek a licensed professional. I give intuitive interpretations of astrology birth charts, tarot cards and dreams. 

I abide by the following Code of Ethics:

CONFIDENTIALITY:  All communication, written or verbal, will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. 

HONESTY:  I will give my interpretation with as much compassion and honesty as possible. This includes those parts of a chart/reading that may be more challenging to the client than others.

NON-JUDGMENTAL:  My interpretations are made with no judgement of what the chart or cards say.

EXPERTISE:  If I am unsure of something that is in a chart or reading, I will say so. I will, at my discretion, and with your permission, approach other professionals to find out more information.

RESPONSIBILITY:  I am not responsible for your life or your life choices. I can only provide you with information that may or may not allow you to make more informed choices for yourself.

EMPOWERMENT:  The readings and chart interpretations are not set in stone. You have the power to change your own life by making more informed choices.

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: At all times, I will maintain an ethical and professional relationship with my clients and will never abuse a client’s trust and vulnerability for my personal benefit.