Thursday 25 August 2022

Daily Tarot for Seekers - Playlist

I've been busy building my Youtube channel with and planning some writing projects for 2022 - 2032 - a collection of new short stories, a collection of meditations, a trilogy of novels, and 2 stand alone novels and finally, another non-fiction. 

Exciting times ahead!

My Youtube DAILY TAROT SHORTS is building nicely - slow, but steady. I post a daily "shorts" tarot reading - that's a tarot reading of less than 60 seconds. Quite a challenge getting everything said in less than one minute. Learning new reading skills every day! You can subscribe to my youtube channel for your free daily tarot guidance. Here's a sample of what'll you'll find:

Looking forward to having you join us !

Monday 1 August 2022

South African Poet Judy Croome Writes to Change Perspectives: An interview with The Hawk newspaper

Last month I spent a delightful few hours with journalists from THE HAWK newspaper of St Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Over smoothies and hot chocolate, journalist Leslie Quan, photographer Mateo and I discussed a wide range of topics from the Ancient Greek poet Korinna and her focus on women's experiences being written for women  to how the listening to the Truth and Reconciliation Committee in the 1990's as South Africa transitioned to a democracy affected me. 

You can read the full interview here or an excerpt below.

Thanks to Leslie for her thought-provoking questions and Mateo for his photography skills, and wishing both Leslie and Mateo great success in their future careers.