Wednesday 19 March 2008

Five Ways to Overcome Rejection Blues: Take Postive Action


Once emotional detachment from rejections has helped restore your faith in your writing self, you need to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION to help free your creative muse from the prison of rejection blues.

Actively choosing to doing something related to writing. A few examples (and you can find many more actions that help you):

1. Read a book on the craft of writing: I'm currently reading "Steering the Craft" by Ursula K Le Guin and the creative writing exercises contained in it have forced me to oil the hinges on the prison door. I'm not saying my muse is completely free yet, but each little exercise makes it seem that little bit easier.

2. Start a blog: This blog is the result of my rejection blues. It's exciting knowing that my writing is actually "out there"; that someone might actually read it! And once you're excited about your writing, you'll find it easier to be creative.

3. Join a writing group: Search your local papers, or the Internet, for writing groups in your area or on line. Find one that suits your needs and your personality and join in. Be pro-active; participate in doing critiques of other's works as well as in submitting your own work for critique.

4. Go to the movies: Or watch your favourite DVD. Follow the plot. Watch the characterisations. Listen to the dialogue. Then think about how you can do the same in your writing.

5.Read: Go back to your favourite authors' books. Find their best book and their worst one. Every author, no matter how great or ordinary their creative talent, has that one book which is the pinnacle of their art...and they also have at least one book which just doesn't "work". Reading the first will keep you humble. Reading the second will inspire you. And being An Author will, once again, become a reachable dream.

Whatever you do, take positive action to overcome your rejection blues and then start to WRITE WRITE WRITE!!

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