Sunday 1 August 2021

August 2021 Tarotscope

  Astrology South Africa August 2021 Tarotscope

Judy Croome explores what August 2021 has in store 
with a 3 card spread using the Rider Waite Smith Deck.

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The crystals used in this reading are Barnacle Master Quartz (stimulates a group cohesiveness) Each card has a crystal. For the Situation card (Blue Lace Agate - brings calm and tranquillity); for the Challenge card (Blue Celestite - aids with peaceful negotiation) and for the Key Element to Consider card (Charoite - a powerful stone of transformation that helps ground one in reality)

Hello & welcome to Astrology South Africa's tarotscope for the month of august 2021. I’m Judy Croome & this month I’m using a 3 card spread using the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck the first card which is the situation is the four of swords the second card which is the challenge in the situation is the 5 of swords & the final card the key element to consider during the month of august  is the very interesting very complex and sometimes intimidating but very exciting death card. 

You’ll see for the situation, we have the four of swords. This is a card of stillness, of inward contemplation, of meditation, reflection. And with us starting the month of August with four planets retrograde & Uranus joining them during the course of the month, this is the perfect card to express the energies of August 2021. 

It reminds us that after the hectic and traumatic July that we, particularly here in South Africa, experienced, it is a time for us to turn inward to rest, to recover. The energies of August are very quiet, they are more open, they’re presenting a lot of opportunities for us to go forward, because the rest of the year is going to be quite, quite hectic & we’re probably going to end the year with another surge in covid & perhaps a little bit more unrest with the Uranus/Saturn square in its 3rd & final phase. 

So this month of August, this card, the 4 of swords, is extremely important that we use this time during this month to reflect, to go inwards, to think back on-  well - the whole pandemic really, & where are we on our journey. 

How do we find our peace? How do we stay calm in the midst of chaos? Because that’s the greatest way, you know, chaos is a time of perfect opportunity, because anything & everything is possible out of chaos, but we are not going to be able to make use of the opportunities that chaos presents unless we are actually still & calm within. 

And that’s what the four of swords is reminding us to go inward to be still to reflect on what was where we are now & where we want to be in the future. It is not a passive type of stillness  it is a stillness that moves us forward in a calm & steady way & it restores our soul it gives us strength & it gives us endurance and the four of swords reminds us that it’s from the point of stillness & calm within the chaos that we can actually make the greatest use of our opportunities

The card in the challenge position is the five of swords which is the card that indicates we’re engaging in a conflict of some nature. It can suggest a disagreement with others which leads to hostility & tension. We may think we’ve won and we may have won a small battle but, in the end, this card suggests that if we don’t use our conflicts constructively, if we don't seek mutual agreement, if we want to win at all costs, at the end of the day we may win the battle but we could still (lose sight of) the big picture. 

It’s an important - the challenge in this card lies in understanding that, some times when we choose conflict over calm reflection, we set ourselves on the road to isolating ourselves We may believe at times that it’s more important to be right than to appreciate and understand where the other side was coming from.

This can be in a personal argument with a loved one or with friends or with an employee or employer or it could be on a collective level such as in the country - do we do we understand … do we understand and appreciate where some of the looters were coming from during the recent riots in KZN? If we were poor & starving with no hope of a job how would we react in that situation and that is what the five of swords is reminding us.

That to win at all costs cuts us off from our own humanity, it demonises the Other and it encourages us to self sabotage because we don’t live in isolation We need to understand that sometimes to win a conflict we need to walk away, we need to hold that centre , we need to stay calm & we need to try and find the most workable solution for all of us and during this month of august which is giving us a time to prepare to calm ourselves to centre ourselves again, the challenge lies in understanding how do we deal with conflict? 

How do we deal with conflict on a personal level, how do we deal with conflict on a collective level? I think South Africa in the month of July really came out well It was the most wonderful experience to  how we came together as a country and that is using conflict in a positive way & this card reminds us that the way to victory is inclusive, not exclusive.

The key element to consider is the importance of transformation. This Death card is a very feared card but it’s also the mot misunderstood card because it’s the most powerful card in the whole deck. 

It is an indication that a great transformation is coming; it’s death-of-the-old, transformation and rebirth and it’s inherent in human nature that we cling to the past, we cling to the familiar, we cling to what is known. 

And this Death card, in this key element to consider position is reminding us that we need to choose a new path; it signals that a major phase in our lives is ending and a new one is about to start; if we close one door a new one will open, but we need to place the past behind us - whether it is our personal past, if we need to let go a relationship, if we need to let go a job, if we need to move house; or if it’s on a collective level we need to let go the past, we need to find a new more inclusive way of existing, of eliminating inequalities, we need to find a new way of being, and that is what this card is reminding us - that we need to focus our energy on what is ahead of us, not on what lies behind us. 

It simply means that a major change, a transition or a huge transformation is coming our way We need to let the old “die” to allow the new to be created, to be reborn. This … Death usually does signify a scary time and I do, I must be honest, I do think the next few months up until early 2022, are going to be tumultuous, I think there’s going to be a lot of change.

Seneca, the great Roman author said “He who will the gods lead; he who won’t, the gods drag.” And that’s another important element if the Death card - the more willingly we choose to let the old die, the more willingly we choose to transform, the easier the process will be. 

And August is a time for us to consider how can we embrace change in a calm and centred manner. It’s important for us to make space for new ways of being to come into our lives, and this final card of the August 2021 reading is a huge reminder that change will come and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

But change can be exciting, it can be vibrant, it can infuse us with a new way of being  that we’d never dreamt of - and that’s what we need to remember during the month if August as we contemplate quietly what we’re doing and what we need to do in the future: embrace change and move forward to a new way of being. 

Thank you for listening to Astrology South Africa’s August 2021 tarotscopes, this is Judy Croome signing off until we meet in September when we’ll see what the cards have in store for us. Join us on social media, we have a very vibrant and active Facebook group, we're on Instagram, we’re on Twitter, we’re on LinkedIn - come and join the party, add your voice, and we’ll meet in September. Stay well, stay safe.