Wednesday 4 November 2015

The Age of Peace : 2015 Blog for Peace

Today is the tenth year of Mimi Lennox's BlogBlast For Peace aka Blog4Peace. 

Around the world, we speak Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant us Peace).  

In celebration of this annual peace festival, here is a poem I wrote called "The Age of Peace" ©

"The Age of Peace" © by Judy Croome 

When future archaeologists
dig amongst the ruins
of our ordinary lives,
there’ll be no
hieroglyphics of heroic deeds
or painted icons of patron saints
found in 21st century debris.

The only saints and heroes
of our century
are the ordinary people,
you and me,
learning how to live together,
struggling across
the abyss of our differences,
to discover all we want
is to live in

This poem is an extract from my latest poetry volume "a stranger in a strange land" - there are more peace poems throughout the book. 

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