Saturday 2 January 2010

Into the Future

I love this day. The first new day in another new year that stretches ahead of us; a tabula rasa waiting for us to make our mark on it. The possibilities and adventures that await are infinite, and infinitely exciting. Good or bad. Ups or downs. Whatever the new year brings, at the end of it we will not be exactly the same person as we are in this particular moment in time. It's up to us to fill that blank tablet with our own unique words and deeds: a high adventure indeed!

Let me begin to inscribe my mark on this year...

My main focus for 2010 is writing my new novel (refer Project C). I am a slow starter with my writing and, in the early stages of a new novel, I easily loose focus if I am distracted. I'm an incompetent multi-tasker, because I work best when my focus is narrow and specific.

One of my two main life goals is to be a traditionally published author. Diving into the blog-o-sphere has been exquisite fun. But it's stolen my focus from making sure that, one day, I hold the paper pages of my own novel in my hands. That the dream becomes a reality as I walk into a bookstore and see, smell and touch the cover of my story.

I’ve tried a variety of ways to limit or manage the time consumed by blogging (not replying to people who comment on my blog; limiting my comments on other people’s blogs; cutting down my posting schedule to twice a month; changing the content of my blog from personal to more formal etc etc). In the end, blogging is still a time-thief. And so, in the interests of efficient time-management, I am going to follow the good example set by those two bloggers extraordinaire, Lady Glamis and Gottawritegirl.

With great sadness, I will be UNPLUGGING from the blog-o-sphere so that I can concentrate on completing the first draft of Project C.

I'd like to thank all of you who have enriched my knowledge and my writing, and who made me so welcome in Blogland. I started this blog at the worst of times in my writing life; because of the people I have met, it became the best of times.

Davin, Judith, Kelly, Lois, Marilyn, Michelle, Moonrat, Nancy, Robyn, and far too many others to mention, have so generously offered friendship and support over the nearly two years I've been blogging and, in so doing, have restored my faith in writing and in my dream of being A Published Author.

For that, I thank you all. And I wish you a 2010 enriched by both prosperity and joy for you and yours. Hamba kahle! And, lest auld acquaintance be forgot...