About Me

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I talk too much. I get overexcited when something catches my interest. I'm vegetarian because how can I eat animals? I may as well eat my cat! When time allows, I escape to the bush or the mountains to restore a sense of calm and timeless rhythm to my life..
With the beat of Africa in my blood, my poetry and my novels are set in this continent, which has deep passion as its heart. The driving motivation of my characters is the search for love in all its forms.
I write because I believe that words have great power: they can bring comfort, joy and hope. They can reveal secrets and lies. And, while they may not change the world, they can - at their best - change people's lives, even if only for a moment.

Although I now live in Johannesburg, the economic powerhouse of Africa, my childhood was played out in the Zimbabwean bush. Born in a little village called Zvishavane, I’ve spent most of my life in South Africa. My diverse career path has had me working as a waitress in a steakhouse; as a bartender in an English pub (to earn money to pay for a hot air balloon ride for my Mom and myself!); and as an accountant, which was my career for many years, before I turned to writing. 

"Eish!" says Shadow. "It's hard work being a writer's cat!"

I'm married to Dr Beric Croome and have one furchild, a black cat called Shadow who adopted me in August 2012.
    My qualifications are:
    • Master of Arts (English Studies)
    • Bachelor of Arts (Honours: English Literature and Language) (cum laude)
    • Bachelor of Arts (cum laude)
    • Diploma in Business Management (cum laude)
    • All About Writing: Creative Writing Course (2011)
    • Basic Copy Editing and Proofreading Course (2010)

    I've attended the following Live Webinars / On-Line Tutorials at Writer's Digest University:

    Authors and poets who have influenced my writing are:Louise Erdrich, Witi Ihimaera, Rose Tremain, Osho,Toni Morrison, sundry poets such as WB Yeats, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Rumi, Kabir, Robert Frost, John Keats, John Milton, William Wordsworth and many others.


    With thanks to the ancestral spirits & spirit guides, archangels & angels who are always with me:

    Ouma Betty and Oupa Kerneels
    Isaac Benjamin Heinemann

    Maria Aletta 1892
    Ouma Betty and Grandfather Lionel
    On floor, Andrew Linvingstone Hoare

    Ah Arin
    Zhi Qian
    Willow Creek
    Starlight, with another of my totem animals, Brown bear

    Golden Hawk
    Two of my totem animals Wolf & Dolphin

    Archangel Gabriel
    Archangel Michael