Thursday 17 December 2020

Celebrating Spirit

2020: an intense but exciting year of change, endings and the first glimmer of new beginnings. Watch this space for a new logo, a new design and a whole new adventure in 2021.

As the Jerusalema dance  went viral, London's The Guardian newspaper said, "Dance craze brings hope from Africa to the world amid Covid"


How apt: Africa, where the physical evolution of humankind began in Sterkfontein Caves a mere 50km from where I live.  Africa, with her sunlight and shadow;  her potential and sorrow; and her vast well of spiritual energy, bringing hope to the world. 

Above is the original 2019 version from Master KG, and below is a second version with the uplifting, inspiring words translated into English and French sub-titles.

Nkosi sikelel' Afrika

and may 2021 bring hope and light into the world.