Saturday 22 March 2008

Five Ways to Overcome Rejection Blues: Avoid Comparisons


"How silent the woods would be if only the nightingale sang" (Anonymous)

No matter what your ultimate goal is for your writing (for world wide fame; or a fortune; to inspire people or to entertain them, or simply for personal satisfaction) it is your writing. Only your unique voice counts. Maybe that voice isn't as profound as some; maybe it's not as humourous, but its yours. Be ruthless about the quality of that voice: make it as perfect as you can for the current level of your skill and talent. Just avoid comparing it to anyone else's voice. It may be better than some; it may be worse. Other than constantly striving to produce the best work that you can right now, it's not your job to decide on how good or bad your writing is. Agents, editors, readers and, ultimately, history will decide how your writing compares to others. All you have to do is let your voice soar across the page and fill the woods with your unique song.

And you'll be surprised to realise that the sheer enjoyment of creating words will soon make you forget that there was ever such a song as the rejection blues!

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1. Seek Emotional Detachment
2. Believe in Yourself
3. Take Positive Action
4. Write, Write, Write
5. Avoid Comparisons

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