Sunday 19 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a PURRFECT Christmas!

Picasso I am not, but occasionally I feel the urge to turn my hand to art. I enjoy it more than my writing, probably because I know I'm not very good, and so I just draw for the fun of it. I don't try to be original. My art is usually a mish-mash of simple drawings or paintings that catch my eye (this painting was inspired by a long-ago drawing I saw on the web somewhere, but I can't remember where!). When I write I agonise over every word; I seek perfection. When I draw or paint I happily splash away and don't care a bit if a line is skew or the perspective off. 

HRH Theodora insisted I draw a Christmas Cat, so the watercolour feline above is my wish for you and yours during this festive season: may you all have a Christmas that is simple, sloppy and a little bit of a surprise.

Merry Christmas!


Lauri said...

What a lovely picture- you're very talented! Merry Christmas to you too Judy!!

Robyn Campbell said...

Merry Christmas, girlfriend. I love the drawing, you talented lady you.

Christopher has lost your address and is fussing at me to get it. He has something he wants to send you.

Could you email it my way? We wish you a most beautiful Christmas. Christopher sends TONS of kisses and hugs to you and Theodora. Me too. Love you.

Unknown said...

Cute watercolor! Nice blog! Have a great New Year!


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Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

LAURI: The trick is to only do simple drawings! :) Hope you and yours had a great festive season.

ROBYN: Will send snailmail addy! Sending tons of kisses back to you and Christoper. xoxox

LI: Lovely to have you visit! :) And thanks and happy 2011 to you to!

SAMUEL: Can you believe I won my new blog banner in a competition? The leopard (the original belongs to my husband)is by one of my favourite local artists Fuz Caforio - in my sidebar and on my interstig links page there's a link to his page,which is worth visiting just to see his range. Now, he's a *really* talented artist.