Tuesday 17 February 2009

ADMIN ALERT: More on the Facebook Saga

LA Times challenges FaceBook founder's reply to changed Terms of Service:

Thanks to literary agent Colleen Lindsay for the link on her blog The Swivet.

From e-Law & management, with thanks to my husband, Dr Beric Croome, for bringing it to my attention.



GutsyWriter said...

I read both your posts and was alarmed with the Feb 16th one. Then I read, Mark's interview and it made sense that none of these social networking services can determine what others do with your information when they share it with people you may not know. I am worried about blog articles being published for profit in magazines, whether on-line or not. Sounds like Facebook doesn't intend to "hurt" the consumer, perhaps I'm being naive though. Thanks for the great post.

Ann Victor said...

Gusty writer, I'd also like to believe that FB doesn't intend to "hurt" the user. But, as a writer, I have to be concerned about someone else holding my copyright in perpetuity. :( Makes me uncomfortable! (Maybe I'm just a cynic!)

Glad you found the post useful!