Saturday 22 November 2008

WRITING TIPS: Why do I Blog?

Thanks to literary agent Janet Reid for her excellent links. Janet's latest link is this article on the value of blogging.

The greatest benefit I get from my blog is that the excitement and energy of writing on the blog is feeding my writing.

When I sit down to work on my novel I'm like one of those old cars. Do you remember those grand old ladies who had to be cranked and cranked before they could chug along at a steady pace? Well, I'm like that when I write: a sloooooow start and then off I chug. With blogging, by the time I get to work on my manuscript each day, my creative mind is smooth and oiled and ready to roll.

Of course blogging steals some of my writing time. But the benefits far outweigh the cost and my blog is now a permanent part of my writing process.

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