Wednesday 5 November 2008

WRITING: The Rewrite Reggae (Day 25 to 28)

DAY 25 (02/11/08):

8 pages on Day 25 . 8 pages of excruciating, agonising rewriting. Is it normal to HATE the ms at a certain point of the re-write? I disliked J’s section when I wrote the first draft – she’s just not a character I can relate to – and I now passionately hate her and anything to do with her because I find her boring and, I fear, a cardboard character. The quicker I get through this hump of rewriting the better.

DAY 26 (03/11/08):

4 miserable pages on Day 26 . Josephine (left) who, as always assists me at the computer, expresses my sentiments exactly. Am I ever going to reach the end of this section?

DAY 27 (04/11/08):

Today’s a CHOCOLATE day. After struggling through 5 ¼ pages I reached the end of J’s section. Double up the chocolate! Also managed to collate the J & L sections, and did some grammar work. Now I can start on Z’s section and as she’s my favourite character I’m hoping to get through it fairly quickly so I can start on phase 2 (some serious grammar and construction work).

DAY28 (05/11/08):

Did a little bit of tweaking: word substitutions for those pernickety favourite words that creep in a dozen times a page.

Mostly, I watched the US elections. The best thing I’ve watched in years! Except possibly for the formation of the new political party in South Africa formed this past weekend.


Viva Democracy Viva!


CA Heaven said...

Your revision process appears similar to when I revise my research papers, after peer review and associate editor's review. Fortunately my manuscripts are only 10-12 pages. Great picture, by the way >:)

Cold As Heaven

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

HEAVEN: I think revision is one of those parts of writing that can be learned, so it's not surprising we have similar revision styles. I bet our "voices" are completely different though (I'd be worried if they were the same)

Poor darling Josephina - subsequent to this photo, she's passed over into the Giant Litter Box in the sky. I still miss her dreadfully (my baby!) but luckily Theodorable (her sister)has taken over her job of helping me work at the computer.