Saturday 10 July 2021

New Moon in Cancer 2021

In the early hours of Saturday 10 July 2021, we have an interesting New Moon at 18 Cancer 02 in the 2nd house of material security, where we encounter anything that we can call our own such as our material possessions and our values, beliefs and talents.  New Moons represent new beginnings, while emotional and nurturing Cancer seeks safety in the family/tribe. 

Beginnings bring change; as this new moon sextiles innovative and rebellious Uranus we may suddenly be asked to let go of material possessions (the old family car may break down, so you must plan to buy a new one), or previously held ideas about our inner gifts and talents (do we believe things about ourselves that are not who we really are, but rather are limiting perceptions inherited from our family or tribe?) With Mercury (our thought processes) in trine to Jupiter (expansion of consciousness), we may find this new moon a mind-opening time of illumination.

The Venus/Mars conjunction that overwhelmed Jacob Zuma and his followers turning their emotions and passions into a potentially destructive energy is still in effect, and with Venus also squaring Uranus we could find our family and personal relationships taking some strain as we long for more independence and freedom than we currently have. With the New Moon in her home sign of Cancer, emotions will be intense, so before taking any sudden actions, pause and think through what you want to do. 

Any action taken at this New Moon in Cancer will have long-term effects on your destiny, because Saturn (the Great Teacher) and the North Node (the ultimate truth our soul is working towards) are in trine, while Sedna (our sense of victimisation, powerlessness and alienation) and Black Moon Lilith (inherent power, our greatest resistance to control by external forces) are conjunct at the critical karmic 29th degree. 

At this potent new moon, these four players are relentless in their push to shift us into a consciousness revolution that will forever change the way we think about our material possessions and the way we use our inner gifts and talents.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Judy - this is so interesting ... but I definitely need to learn more. We are in challenging times ... you perhaps particularly in SA - so I hope we all get a chance to enhance our lives and improve life for all. Take care and all the best - Hilary