Thursday 26 April 2012

After the rain, comes the sunshine...

Life has a funny way of taking away with one hand, and giving back with the other. After the recent losses in our small family, this week is one of poignant joy. Tomorrow my eldest niece Nikki is getting married to her best friend and soul mate Gareth. 

Since they arrived from Singapore, Nikki has been subjected to some traditional bride-to-be experiences by Bailey, her sister and maid of honour. Pictures are worth a 1000 words so here are some from the kitchen tea and bachelorette party:

Mad Hatters Kitchen Tea Party:

The white rabbit to greet us as we arrived

The lovely bride to be, my eldest niece Nikki

The table in the garden

From left to right: Bride to be Nikki, Iona (Mom of bride & my sister), ME (with my mad hatter hat that sang songs and clapped its ears!!); Nana of bride (Mom) and Maid of honour, (Sister of bride & my niece Bailey)

The bride to be (Nikki, right) and
her sister & maid of honour (Bailey, left)
 Bachelorette at Madam Zingara's at Montecasino in Johannesburg: (great on ambience but not so great for photos, many of my photos didn't come out):
Madam Zingara's artistes arrive

From left to right: friend Margie, my Mom (Nana of bride to be)
and Nikki (bride to be) holding her groom

Front Left: my niece Nikki. Front Right: my niece Bailey,
between them their friends (who are the bridesmaids)

My mad Mother, using her glowing lit up finger rings to identify what we were about to eat!
This is a wonderful time of happiness and joy, but we cannot forget those who are with us only in spirit, my Dad and Gareth's Mom.

Today (the day before my niece's wedding) is two months exactly since my Dad passed on. As I left my Mom's house this morning, on the outside wall by the door we use to come in and out of, was this:
Is it a moth? Is it an angel? Or is it my Dad showing us that he is with us in spirit and in love during this special time when his darling granddaughter "Springkaan" marries the man of her dreams:
Congratulations Nikki andGareth 
on your wedding on 27 April 2012.!
…your love mature like good red wine .
…your love for each other last an eternity.
…God keep you wrapped in His embrace.
 With much love from all of us xxxxx 


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

What a post filled with joy! I could feel the good spirits half way round the world, Judy. The parties looked like such fun and the girls are so beautiful. Happy best wishes to you all.

Frances Garrood said...

Have a wonderful day, all of you, Judy!

Judith Mercado said...

Lovely, just lovely. The angel at the end was wonderful!

Tabouleh said...

I love the Moth and really think that it is a sign from your sweet dad that he is still there with you... celebrating the joyous occasion with you.... Congrats to your niece and her beau...

Lisa said...

It is beauty. Life is beautiful no matter how you look at it.

Dear Judy, my blog has a new address and it is on my profile. Thank you Judy. And I am happy to see you today.

Davin Malasarn said...

This is lovely, Judy! I'm happy to hear about your happiness! And that hat is pretty amazing!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Judy .. I read through this earlier, but wanted to wait until I had five minutes .. what an amazing pre girlie wedding party this was - looks like such fun. Great that you all dressed up - and Nikki looks so happy, as does Bailey .. then the girlie family too!

It's tough having these time markers isn't it - but that remembrance of both your Dad and Gareth's Mother make it all the more special.

Now to read the wedding ... and look at the photos .. hope you're having a peaceful time and your Mama is at peace too .. with thoughts - Hilary

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

TRICIA: We all had great fun and it was good to laugh again!

FRANCES: The wedding turned out even more exciting & fun-filled that the kitchen tea and bachelorette, so it was indeed a wonderful day!

JUDITH: Wasn’t that angel moth just AMAZING? It rested not even a foot away from where my Dad spent most of the last six months of his life. :)

LANA: Oh, I agree – I knew it was my Dad, saying he was with us in spirit. And yesterday on Mother’s Day, as I arrived with my Mom at my sister’s “Danny Boy” started playing on the radio- my Dad’s favourite song! :)

OCEANGIRL: I’ve found your new blog , and it looks great! Life is beauty, even in sadness there is some beauty to be found, if we take the trouble to look for it…

DAVIN: I’m so glad someone appreciates my hat – it nearly gave me a headache it was so heavy!! But it was worth the effort as it caused much laughter (every time my niece appeared I switched it on and the strains of an Elvis type voice singing “I’ve got a whole lot of love for you… filled the air! )

HILARY:It was a *very* girlie time and it was so wonderful to have the family together again for a happy occasion this time. Hope your Mum is doing well and still worrying about you and your yellow raincoat!