Tuesday, 8 March 2022

The Short and the Long of Tarot Card of the Day

I'm busy playing with my Youtube channel

I'm doing short videos (maximum 60 seconds) on a tarot card of the day, like this one

and I'm doing longer videos for a more in depth daily tarot reading, like this one

I'm learning about camera angles,  wireless mics and ring lights (help, would somebody please heeelp!?!)

I also need to learn about what YOU, my seekers of tarot  treasures, are looking for in your daily guidance tarot reading. 
  • Do you want less card shuffling on camera? 
  • Do you want bigger spreads (5 card instead of 2 card)? 
  • Do you like videos with fancy effects or should the reading be kept au naturel?
  • What can I do to help you get the most support and inspiration from my daily tarot reading?
Let me know what you want to see in your daily tarot reading by joining us on my YOUTUBE channel

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Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for a new tarot card of the day!