Friday, 19 September 2014

Which gender has the better writers? : Grammarly the grammar checker took a vote

Every writer's best friend, the grammar checker software programme Grammarly,  recently conducted a study with 3,000+ participants to settle an existential question that has been plaguing mankind for centuries:

“Which gender has the better writers?” 

Grammarly, (also known as your personal grammar coach!) published the results in an infographic that was picked up by TheDaily Beast

You can see that infographic to the left and it makes for some interesting reading! 

And, not only is Grammarly a scarily accurate grammar checker and automated proofreader, but the company is also kindly donating $10 in my name to the international  ProLiteracy  organisation.

"The literacy level of South African Grade 5 pupils is a “national catastrophe” [IOL News, Oct 2013], so I support anything that helps improve world literacy.

And I'm still not saying which gender I think has the better writers ...!!


Here's what Forbes, the TodayShow, and had to say about Grammarly's grammar checker.


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