Friday, 8 July 2022

TAROT READING: Finding Peace

I'm still playing around with my YouTube tarot channel - finding new decks, experimenting with different types of readings. At the moment I'm doing 1 long full reading a week and 6 days of shorts (a card a day reading of less than a minute). 

You can find these on the TAROT FOR SEEKERS PLAYLIST ON MY CHANNEL or watch a few samples below.

Let me know in the comments on YOUTUBE or below which format you prefer.

I'm still learning the technical side (I've started a course on videos for vlogging to improve my technical skills) and I'm playing around with different presentation styles (sounds better than saying I'm still pretty stiff and nervous with speaking into the video!!)

That's what life's all about isn't it? Having fun while learning! And, of course, in both my writing and in this new venture of exploring the psychic gifts I inherited from my late Dad which I've never used, I hope to offer comfort to someone out there in this upside down world who may just need to be inspired and uplifted on a dark day.

From my heart to yours, I offer a sample of my readings (remember to read the full disclaimer here):

#dailytarot #shorts (less than 60 seconds)

#tarotreading #pickacard (a longer collective reading)

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