Tuesday, 10 May 2022

TAROT READING: What Spirit wants you to know today

A special message from Spirit. In today’s reading we find out what Spirit wants us to know about the situation we are facing today. This message is timeless and, if meant for you, will resonate no matter when you listen to it.

Pick a pile and listen to what Spirit offers at the time stamps in the Youtube description box: 00:00 Intro 02:08 Shuffling of Cards 06:54 Earth & Lepidolite 12:50 Air & Scolecite 21:36 Fire & Stibnite 28:47 Water & Blue Kyanite Cluster Find out about the crystals used in this reading on my website www.judycroome.com Thank you for spending your energy listening to this reading. Before you go, remember to share the love by clicking the like button, commenting and subscribing so you don’t miss future readings. This general reading is for entertainment purposes only. Read full disclaimer here.

Details (1) about the crystals used in this reading:


* activates only for the highest good

* reduces stress and depression and stabilises mood swings

useful in times of transition

*  releases and re-organises psychological & behavioural patterns  that create blockages

frees you from outside influences, thus speeding up decision making

* a calming stone that soothes emotional disturbances 


* promotes inner peace, dissolving anxiety and fear

* increases connection to the spiritual world

* assists one in taking control of one's life

* encourages creativity and originality

* encourages problem solving skills

* instils a quiet confidence that faces life with equanimity


* helps separate the pure from the dross

*  ensures that what you attract is for your highest good

*  allows you to recognise your inner gifts

*  assists in finding value in your experiences, even difficult ones

*  helps eliminate clingy relationships by cutting psychological & spiritual ties


* tranquillizing and calming, cutting through fears & blockages

* encourages speaking one's truth in a loving manner

* encourages self-expression by cutting through inner ignorance

* assists in detaching from the idea of "blind" fate 

brings a realisation of the part played by the self in one's circumstances

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