Saturday, 21 May 2022

TAROT READING: What does ISIS want you to know today?

A special message from the Spirit of Isis. In today’s reading we find out what Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of healing and magic, wants us to know about the situation we are facing today.

This message is timeless and, if meant for you, will resonate no matter when you listen to it. If you are drawn to more than one pile feel free to listen to that too; whatever doesn’t resonate may mean this message is not for you at this time.

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Pick a pile and listen to what Spirit offers at the time stamps in the YouTube description box: 00:00 Intro 02:45 Earth & Clear Quartz merkaba 11:28 Air & Orbicular Ocean Jasper (Atlantis Stone) 20:25 Fire & Galena 29:17 Water & Hemimorphite This general reading is for entertainment purposes only. Read full disclaimer here. Thank you to the new subscribers on my YouTube channel and thank you to those spending your time and energy listening to this reading today. Let me know how the reading touched your day in the comments below and, before you go, please remember to share the love by clicking the like button, commenting and subscribing so you don’t miss future readings.

Details (1) about the crystals used in this reading:


* master healer, excellent for unblocking energy

* cleanses and enhances both physical organs and the soul

* stores all levels of spiritual information

dissolves karmic seeds

*  aids concentration and unlocks memory

* stimulates immune system and brings body into balance

*  merkaba - a sacred shape believed to have powerful spiritual properties helping us to reach higher states of consciousness

ORBICULAR OCEAN JASPER (Atlantis Stone) (Air):

* a stone of renewal and strength

* encourages you to reclaim ancient wisdom held within the stone

* helps you to love oneself and others with more empathy while remaining objective

* symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things, reminding us that nature is cyclical and fluid

* brings up for healing long-hidden and unresolved emotional issues

* helps accept responsibility for oneself and to face the future positively

GALENA (Fire):

* a stone of harmony

*  brings balance on all levels

*  a grounding stone that assists with anchoring and centering

*  opens the mind, expanding ideas 

*  dissolves self-limiting assumptions from the past

* used as an aid for shamanic "soul retrieval" journeys


* extremely protective stone, particularly against malicious thoughts and manipulation

* promotes rapid self-development

* insists on teaching personal accountability

teaches that we create our own reality with our thoughts and attitude

* shows how to develop inner strength 

* gently relieves angst 

* helps one set and attain realistic goals without becoming emotionally attached to the results

* assists in being totally open and honest in emotional communication

See you in the next reading!


(1) Judy Hall "The Crystal Bible" Volumes 1, 2 & 3

(2) Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian "The Book of Stones"

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