Thursday, 21 April 2022

TAROT READING: What's the status of your relationship?

There is often a need to check up on how we're doing in a relationship we're attached to. This could be a personal relationship such as a lover or family member, or a friend or a work colleague. Or we could be struggling with another type of relationship: a job, a belief system or how we see ourselves.

Pick a pile and listen to what the guides offer at the time stamps below. 

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00:00      Intro

01:37       Earth & Rhodonite (Shuffling of cards)

02:53      Earth & Rhodonite (Reading of cards)

20:42     Air & Aquamarine (Shuffling of cards)

22:03     Air & Aquamarine (Reading of cards)

37:37      Fire & Cinnabar (Shuffling of cards)

39:09     Fire & Cinnabar (Reading of cards)

55:25      Water & Black Kyanite (Shuffling of cards)

57:03      Water & Black Kyanite (Reading of cards)

Details (1) about the crystals used in this reading:


* emotional balancer that nurtures love & the brotherhood of humanity

* heals emotional shock & panic

* extremely beneficial in supporting the soul to release emotional self-destruction

* clears away emotional wounds & scars from the past

* promotes forgiveness & unselfish self-love

* aids in turning back insults, preventing retaliation & keeping calm in upsetting situations


* stone of courage

* counteracts the forces of darkness & calls in the spirits of light

* gives support when overwhelmed & encourages taking responsibility for oneself

* breaks old, self-defeating soul programmes

* clears up confusion & brings unfinished business to an end

* clears blocked communication & promotes healthy self-expression


* attracts abundance

* aids in prospering one's endeavours without inciting aggression

* invests a person with dignity & power

* imparts fluency of mind and speech 

* releases energy blockages


* tranquillizing and calming, cutting through fears & blockages

* encourages speaking one's truth in a loving manner

* encourages self-expression by cutting through inner ignorance

* assists in detaching from the idea of "blind" fate 

brings a realisation of the part played by the self in one's circumstances

* black kyanite in particular  assists in grounding the body during dream or spiritual work

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