Saturday, 16 April 2022

TAROT READING: Release and Let Go

Whether a relationship, a job or an ideal, we often hold onto something that keeps us stuck when we should be able to release, let go & move forward. Pick a pile and listen to what the guides offer. 

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Find your pick at the time mark below:

00:00        Intro

02:56         Air & Larimar

21:45          Water & Moonstone

43:48         Fire & Garnet

1:00:32      Earth & Eudialyte


Details (1) about the crystals used in this reading:


* dissolves boundaries that constrain the spiritual self

* removes self-imposed blockages & self-sabotaging tendencies

* removes the tendency towards martyrdom

* good for alleviating guilt & removing fear

* assists one to take control of one's life

* stimulates clarity, serenity & constructive thoughts

MOONSTONE with Mica (Water):

* stone of new beginnings

* reminds us everything is part of the cycle of change

* promotes intuition & empathy

* dissolves old emotional patterning

* stabilizes emotions & improves emotional intelligence

* Mica - a reflective stone that mirrors back at us those parts of ourselves we do not recognise

GARNET (Fire):

* inspires love & devotion

* helpful in crisis situations

* brings courage & hope to seemingly hopeless situations

* dissolves ingrained behaviour patterns no longer serving you

* opens heart & bestows self-confidence


* brings about a profound reorientation

* shows how to rectify unfortunate choices

* teaches that you can grow through joy & fulfilment rather than suffering

* assists in ending a situation/relationship with grace & peace rather than conflict

* personal empowerment, releasing  negative emotions, such as anger, guilt & resentment

* expedites profound change & self-love

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(1) Judy Hall "The Crystal Bible" Volumes 1, 2 & 3

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