Saturday, 29 January 2022

Tarot Card of the Day

I'm excited about the new project I started this past week: adding daily content to my YOUTUBE channel

Every day there'll be a new #tarot #treasure #card of the day reading. 

And because life is so busy these days, the daily contents will be formatted as a youtube #shorts video, with a maximum time of 60 secs. There's a few examples below of my early efforts.

I'm looking forward to this journey - learning new technical skills, sharing my love of tarot and the wisdom it offers us with everyone. 

There'll also be reviews of new tarot packs that I break in (always an exciting moment!) and, although you can follow my regular book reviews on Goodreads, I'll  also share the occasional tarot related book review here.

Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel for your daily tarot treasure and let the fun begin! 

  “MERCY” #seekers of #tarot #treasures #cardoftehday #shorts

  “IMAGINE” #seekers of #tarot #treasures #cardoftehday #shorts

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