Tuesday 7 January 2020

New Beginnings

With a major lunar eclipse on Friday 10/1/2020, quickly followed by Uranus in Taurus stationing direct, followed  two days later on 12/1/2020 with the much-discussed Great Capricorn Conjunction, 2020 is a year of changes, letting go the old and finding new beginnings on a deep and permanent level.

Since my beloved Beric crossed over last year 22/4/2019, I've been taking it easy and slowly stepping into a new life without him.  He is gone in body, but not in spirit and I know we'll meet again. That’s why I read Rabindranath Tagore’s beautiful poem "Unending Love" at his memorial service. 

Image result for rabindranath tagore unending love"

His beautiful spirit will always be with me and so I head into a new year and decade that's filled with both hope and memories. Hope for the fruition of all the new ventures I'm planning and memory of having been privileged to be part of an unending love story.

Some plans for 2020:

My two new kitties arrive today - 10 year old lady Gucci and 3 year old boy Mittens.

My main goal for 2020 is attending to my health (read weight!!) that has been out of control for too many years.

Then a 2020 writing challenge starting in February to finish off two half written books - a collection of short stories, and a volume of poetry about the grief and sorrow of being caregiver to a dying loved one for so many years (from 2015 to 2019).

I'm still expanding my astrology knowledge, via webinars from the London Faculty of Astrology College, and later in 2020 I'll be signing up for the 3 year diploma course to become a professional astrologer.

And some time in the future (probably early 2021), I'll be revealing a whole new look for my website.

Exciting times ahead! I wish all of you a wonderful 2020 - may it be a year of discovery and joy for you all.  


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Judy - lovely to see you here ... after your few harrowing years ... desperately sad, yet also enlightening. The kitties will give you pleasure and captivate you ... while at times you can reminisce with them nearby or on your lap. Beric and you made a great team ... but as you say it will continue anon ...

It'll be fun to have you around in the blogging world again and to hear the new beginnings from you re your astrological knowledge ... I'd love that thought of a year of positive discovery and joy ...

All the very best - enjoy the arrival of Lady Gucci and Mittens ... cheers and a very happy 2020 - Hilary

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Hello Hilary and all the very best to you for a wonderful 2020! As always, lovely to see you in the blog-o-sphere and hopefully this year I'll be able to pop over and read about your contnuing adventures. ((hugs)) Judy xx