Friday 22 April 2011

Winners Announced

Today is celebration day for several readers. There have been two competitions running on my blog: the "Notes from Underground Anthology" giveaway and the Book Trailer competition for my novel "Dancing in the Shadows of Love."

Congratulations to the four lucky winners of the "Notes from Underground" anthology, featuring my short story "Whispers of Love", as well as unique and wonderful stories by twenty-three other writers.

Under the eagle eye of my personal legal counsel (Husband), HRH Theodorable raised a regal paw and chose four names from her (clean) feeding bowl.  These lucky winners of the "Notes from Underground Anthology" will each receive a gift pack containing:

1. Copy of Notes from Underground (you can choose whether you want Kindle or Print)
2. A Hoza Heroes shopping bag
3. A collection of beautiful fridge magnets from South Africa

In the order their names were drawn from the feeding bowl, the four lucky winners are:

1.Linda Cassidy Lewis
2.Hilary Melton-Butcher
3.Misha Gericke
4.Damaria Senne 

Congratulations to you all! I know you're in for a reading treat! I'll be in touch off-line to discuss getting your prize to you.

HRH Theodorable and her watchful counsel had their work cut out. Their job wasn't yet over, because they still had to draw the four lucky winners of the US$25 Amazon gift vouchers. In strict accordance with the rules, and in the order they were pulled out the feeding bowl, these winners are:

1. Elliot Grace
2. Marilyn Brant
3. Ashley (aka RVDSAngel22)
4. Niki (from Oxford, New Zealand)

Congratulations to you and enjoy your Amazon shopping!
A big thanks to everyone who participated in both these giveaways. If you didn't win this time, your chance to win may still be coming! Watch this blog throughout 2011 for more exciting prizes to celebrate the release of my debut novel Dancing in the Shadows of Love in May 2011.


Davin Malasarn said...

Congratulations to all the winners! How fun!

Glynis Jolly said...

Congratulations to all eight!

Linda Cassidy Lewis said...

Thank you! I'm so excited. My first book win, and for a book I truly want to read. Plus the bag and magnets, all good. :-)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Judy .. lucky me, lucky me, lucky me -- as you see I am absolutely delighted - wonderful Easter present ..just what I was hoping I'd win .. as I too, like Linda, really am looking forward to reading the Anthology .. Notes from the Underground .. such a great title and beautiful cover .. love that tree makes me so wish I could pop over and collect the book!!

And I get the goodies too .. Judy - many thanks to HRH Theodorable for so carefully selecting my name .. clever cat!!

Cheers - with thoughts to you and the family .. big hugs .. xoxo Hilary

Damaria Senne said...

Yay me! I'm soo looking forward to reading the anthology

Marilyn Brant said...

Judy, thank you so, so much!!! I'm thrilled ;). And I'm really looking forward to the release of Dancing in the Shadows of Love -- coming SOON!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Theodorable!! hehehe Thanks Judy, this is wonderful news. I have sent you an email :)

Elliot Grace said... Easter morning surprise!

Thanks so much:)


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Congratulations once again to the winners! The Amazon vouchers have already been sent - enjoy your shopping, and the "Notes" prizes will be on their way within the next two weeks. I'll email you once they're been popped in the mail.

To all of you who didn't win this time, don't give up! Over the next few months I'll be having a lot of promos to celebrate the release of Dancing in the Shadows of Love, and you can try again then!

Thanks to everyone who participated; it's much appreciated!

Robyn Campbell said...

Congrats to all the winners. You lucky peeps, you. :0) Love you Judy.

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

ROBYN: ((HUGS))) back at ya! And keep those baby blues peeled for future contests - lots of prizes will be up for grabs after Dancing in the Shadows of Love is released in May!

Damaria Senne said...

Thsnk you Judy. I look forward to reading the anthology.