Tuesday 22 June 2010

Bafana Bafana Rock!

We needed two miracles today: Bafana Bafana had to beat France (who played in the 2006 Soccer World Cup final), and Uragua had to TROUNCE Mexico by about 7 goals in their match. We got one miracle...and what a fantastic, brilliant miracle it was! After their crushing defeat last match, Bafana Bafana came out and played with heart and soul and courage! I am so, so proud of this wonderful nation and just have to sing our multi=lingual national anthem before I burst!!

Bafana Bafana, we love you guys!!  Uraguay beat Mexico, but not by enough, so unfortunately we don't go through to the next round, but who cares? We're still enjoying the 2010 FIFA World Cup!! Now that Bafana is out, I'm going to blow my vuvuzela's for Ghana and Uraguay! PWAAAAARP!!  And, so, it's back to revisions and hosting the Soccer World Cup 2010! If you aren't here for the party...Eish!!!!!


Judith Mercado said...

Miracles are a good thing. Congratulations.

Claire Robyns said...

Well done Bafana Bafana and SA! We may not go through, but we can hold our heads up high.

CA Heaven said...

Saw the game against France in TV; very goos SA team. Congratulations >:)

Cold As Heaven

Damaria Senne said...

watched the game with France on TV. I'm very proud of Bafana Bafana. PWAAAAARP!!

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

JUDITH, CLAIRE, COLD AS HEAVEN and DAMARIA: all I can do is blow my vuvuzela again (from sheer excitement!) PWAAAAAARP!

Still so proud of our boys, and determined to keep supporting South Africa as the host of SWC 2010 until the last whistle blows. Ayoba yo!