Thursday 6 August 2009


Oops. July has passed with nary a blogpost. I'll blame it on the exceptionally cold winter we've had which, as a warm-blooded South African, I've found intolerable. In fact, the cold filled me with hebetude*. But spring is busy springing if the bird activity and unfurling blossoms are anything to go by. Summer is on its way and hopefully normality will return to my life.

As this is supposed to be my writing blog, let's look at writing news. My husband's two books are well into production. His first publisher's deadline (the co-authored book on tax administration) is 31 August and, despite currently travelling around the country presenting a workshop, he's happy that he'll meet it. His own book (on taxpayer's rights in South Africa) is also jogging along nicely and that should be out early next year. So at least one writer in the family will soon have a book on the shelf.

My own writing has taken a back seat to the many family needs this year. Ah well. Que sera sera. I've had a few more rejections and have decided that I need to revamp my query letter and my synopsis. So, that - now life is warming up and settling down - is my immediate writing goal. Afterwards, it'll be time to leap into the abyss of the blank page and start the mindmap of the new novel which I wanted to begin way back in June. Rather late than never!

Blogging will, sadly, have to remain a fairly low priority, but I will try to be slightly more active than the past few months.

Happy writing all and I hope you've all had a great summer (the Northerner's) and a bearable winter (the Southerner's)!

* hebetude: new word for the day


septembermom said...

Ann, I'm glad that the spring has arrived for you! I'm sure that the warmer weather will boost your spirits and seed your creativity. Congrats on your husband's progress with the publication of his 2 books. With your determination and talent, a memorable Ann Victor book will be gracing book shelves in the near future!! Hope all is well with your family.

Ann Victor said...

Hi Kelly! :) Will pop over to your blog to catch up on your happenings (thinking of your young son & the neighbourhood rats!). Managing well with the family here, thanks. So well, in fact, I'm really hoping to be able to water those seeds of creativity which (along with the spring garden) seem to sending out teeny weeny little shoots that I hope to grow into a whole new book!

B.J. Anderson said...

Good luck to you, Ann! Sometimes blogging is the only logical thing to take the backseat when life gets exciting!

Ann Victor said...

Too true B.J. - but sometimes doing the "logical" thing isn't as much fun as blogging! ;) Sigh. But it has to get done...!

Lady Glamis said...

Happy soon to be spring!!!

I envy that you're moving into summer now. We're coming out of it into my favorite part of the year, Fall, but that means winter is coming. I hate winter!

I hope your mapping goes over well. it can be a tough process!

Marilyn Brant said...

Just wanted to say "hi" to you, Ann, and tell you that you've been missed... Glad you popped up again in the Blogosphere, even briefly :).

Ann Victor said...

Lady Glamis: I'll definitely be using some of the excellent outlining advice I picked up on your blog!

Hi Marilyn - nice to be back! I've missed picking up on everyone's news - not long now and your fabulous "According to Jane" will be on the shelves!!!! (I see Amazon UK has 2nd November as the Big Date!) :)

Rebecca said...

Welcome abck Ann great to have you back.