Saturday 16 May 2009

ADMIN: Setting priorities

I'm dipping my toe back in the blogosphere as life is slowly normalizing here.

But my normality now has a new shape, which means I do need to make allowances for more time for family responsibilities while at the same time getting to work on my new novel. My deadline for starting this novel, which has been bubbling for a while, is 1st June 2009.

I'd previously tried to limit myself to one hour's blogging a day (okay, you can stop laughing now! :D) but, of course, one hour stretched to two which stretched get the picture?

I've set myself some new guidelines for the computer which will take effect from 1st June 2009:

1. Facebook: great in theory, but not enough return for the time it takes. So, while I'll keep my FB page, I'll access it randomly at best.

2. Weekly Blog Posts: At least once a week I'll post a new writing related blog topic. It'll range from discussions to book reviews to writing tips. I'm aiming for Monday to be blog post day.

3. Daily Blog Posts: From 1st June this will be a short daily report on the progress of my new novel. This may not be of great help or interest to you, my lovely readers, but I need a regular motivator and I'm afraid my blog (and its readers) are it!!

4. Blog Comments: Like every blogger, I simply love to get comments on my blog. Like every blogger, I try to answer every comment. But I often find I run out of blogging time and can't pay a return visit the bloggers who have been kind enough to comment. Rather than comment on a comment on my blog, what I'd prefer to do in future is go directly to the reader's blog and spend time interacting there. There will, of course, be exceptions, for example, I'll answer questions or issues raised in the comment section on my blog.

5. Visiting Blogs: In addition to (4) above, I'll do my best to visit my favourite blogs once a week, and will also try to visit new blogs referred by my usual blogging haunts. This way I can keep up with what's happening in people's lives as well as what's happening in the writing/blogging world.

I hope this new system will be a good balancing act for all the plates I've currently got spinning and spinning in the air...

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Helen Ginger said...

You are an inspiration, Ann. I keep trying to get organized, but find the day slipping away -- like today! Aaarrrggh.

Straight From Hel

Lady Glamis said...

I'm in awe of your organization! I wish you luck in sticking with it. I always try to stick with things and fail miserably. I'm getting so much better and skipping posts that don't interest me. I skim, but if I'm going to comment, I'll actually read. So... that means less posts I'm actually reading.

Anyway, good luck!

Tess said...

It sounds like a great system...good luck :)

septembermom said...

That's a very good plan, Ann. It's a lot to juggle. I'm sure you'll be a pro at making it all work!

Nicky S (Absolute Vanilla) said...

It does all get a bit hectic, doesn't it, and balance is critical - hope this works for you!

moonrat said...

Ok, you are DANG right that we need to moderate, or we'll never get our lives done!

I respectfully disagree re: Facebook. I don't use or update everyday (in fact, I check in nearly never), but having a profile up lets people access you in a permanent way, meaning you can stay in touch long after you no longer have time to read each other's blogs, etc. I agree you shouldn't waste too much time on it, cuz it's just not worth it, but having a profile up is nice for maintaining online friends. (Then again, as you probably already know, I'm a bit of a friend-hoarder, and I understand not everyone has quite as many friend-needs as I do!)

Suzanne Casamento said...

These are some good goals. Good luck with meeting them and starting your novel!

Nancy J. Parra said...

Good luck with your new book. I'll look forward to reading about your progress!

Amanda Holly said...

Lists! I do love people who make lists! It makes me realise that I am the disorganised being that I am because I do not make lists!

Lovely to see you back Ann and good luck with the new "life style"!

Anita said...

I can hardly wait to find out if you stick with this! It sounds like a blogosphere diet!

Good luck with the new book.

Justus M. Bowman said...

Glad to see you prioritizing.

Lady Glamis said...

Ann, I've given you a blog award. You can view it here on my blog. Just scroll down to the end of the post to the "Proximity" award for directions and more information about the award.

Thanks for such a great blog!